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The March Accelerator is going on now until Friday, March 30!

Now more than ever, we need your support to continue growing our independent academic institution and create innovative solutions for offering uncensored knowledge to the general public. We believe that academic freedom and right to education are every individual’s right and we aim to democratize education.

Dear friends, please visit our project Support Knowledge to have a Greater Impact on Global Giving Accelerator. To continue this project, we need to have raised funds from 40 different donors by the 30th of March (2018). We count on your support and contribution to make it to the next level.

Please donate your ‘eydi’ (Nowruz gift) on the first day of spring!

Wednesday 21st of March (00:00:01 – 23:59:59 EDT, Click to see your Time Zone) is the Accelerator Bonus Day! We will be competing with other organizations for a share of $10,000 Incentive Fund and two $1,000 cash prizes: one for the organization that has collected most funds and the other for the organization with most donors. Donate an ‘eydi’ (Nowruz gift) on the first day of spring and contribute to spreading knowledge